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We are a group of artists based in Venice, CA who want to do their part. We know about the power of symbols. Stores all over the world used plywood to protect their goods from anger so powerful it couldn't be overlooked anymore. And while we condemn looting we understand that change doesn't always happen the way we want it to. Change can't follow rules. We hope that these days of 2020 will make it in our history books as the beginning of a society without structural racism. A rebuild that was long overdue.



The reBLD project
We are asking stores to donate their plywood to us.
We will turn it into small furniture and auction them off in support of Black Lives Matter.

It is important to us to keep this process transparent.
We will do our best to update this page with the progress during the project. If you have any question or would like to support us, please contact us at

We all can do better.
Thank you

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