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LA looked different this summer.
Businesses all over town used plywood to protect their goods from public outrage so powerful it could not be ignored.
We condemn looting but understand that change can't always follow rules. Our hope is that the summer days of 2020 will make it into our history books as the
beginning of a society without structural racism.
A rebuild long overdue.


The face of history

Stores all over LA donated their plywood to express their support to The Movement - regardless of how it affected their business. This plywood is a piece of history similar to the Berlin Wall. It carries the message to protect and serve the community. We are executing its message, preserving it and putting it to use to support the cause.



Art auction in support of
The Movement

In over 40 days of volunteer work we turned the plywood into wall art, coffee tables and chairs.

The proceedings will go to the cause. We work with the Center for Policing Equity, a research and action organization that uses science to promote justice and reduce racial disparities in law enforcement.


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